Request Door Delivery If you have Hardship or Medical Problems

You usually send and receive mail and packages. The letter carrier uses to deliver your mail items. He/she just put the mail item into the mailbox unless the signature is required, and you collect that item from the mailbox. It’s a simple process, but not everyone can do this. Those who have the hardship or medical problems face the problem while collecting the mail items from the mailbox. So, what they can do. Let’s find out:

If you are the one who is suffering from any hardship or medical problem, then you can request USPS for Doorstep Delivery. Once the Postal Service grants your request, you will get all your mail items at your door. So, now the question arises, how can we request for Door Delivery? Let’s find out its answer below:

How to Get Mail at the Doorstep?

door deliveryFor getting all your mail to be delivered at the door, you have to write a letter to the Postal Service. In that hardship mail delivery letter, you have to write the reason that why you are requesting for Door delivery and want to change the existing delivery point. Along with the letter, you have to attach the statement from the doctor, and that statement should indicate you are unable to collect the mail from the centralized mailbox. Send both, the letter and the doctor’s statement to the post office that delivers your mail. They will decide whether or not you will get the approval for door delivery. If you get approval, all your mail will be delivered to you at the door.

Request letters should be addressed to:


Note: Any approval will be temporary (for further information, contact your local post office).

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